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Verzonden: dinsdag 12 oktober 2004 16:46
Onderwerp: Update from Kim and Rene

France - Morrocco

Ok at last an English update on our travels so far. There is still 8 months to go, and our dutch travel stories are so far well received. It might be an idea to learn some dutch( please inform us if you want to have the dutch stories when you are ready for it). Anyway, we started our bicycle tour in St Hypolyte in southern France. The indexfinger of this holy man is on exhibition there in the local church. Our Friends Raoel and Sandra took us to this place because they had to go to Nice anyway, at least that s what they said, i don t think they had any plans after they dropped us off. We headed for the Pyrennean Mountains, further along Barcelona to the south. We did enormously enjoy Spain. It seemed to be an easygoing and spectacular country. It offered us the optimum mixture between culture, nature, wine, hills, and beer. Now and then we stopped for a day in the most beautifull cities like Cuenca, Sevilla and Cordoba. The muscels grew bigger, the bellies grew tighter and we got the look on our faces of those who ve been away for years and know it all. The day before yesterday we took the boat from Algeciras ( next to Gibraltar( to Morocco. We think we are going to enjoy it here. We get a lot of Thumps Up s from the locals and so far the Morroccon truckdrivers didn t aim well at us. We were suprised to see a lot of Zen people here, mostly elderly men. They sit somewhere in the huge landscape without moving the whole day. Imagine the amount of wisdom they are gathering. Not so Kim, it s hard for her to have even a relaxed breakfast for half an hour. On our recover days she always want to explore the mountains, and of course we get lost, and will be walking up and down the hills for hours. Anyway there still 8 months to go, things might improve. Tomorrow we are heading for Fes and Meknes, the Kings cities in the Atlas mountains.

love Kim and Rene

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