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We make a cycling plan according to your taste. Depending on your time, interests and budget we will suggest a route and timetable. You can also choose one of our standard itineraries or use them as a basis for further planning and combination:

North Sea beach
Roundtrip IJselmeer, the Old Southern Sea

5 days cycling 424 km (265 Miles) around The IJsselmeer (IJssellake)
Starting in Amsterdam you'll follow the westcoast of the IJselmeer, passing old towns like Edam (cheese), Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik, up to the North-East point of the province of Holland. From there you will cycle between salt and sweet water on the "Afsluitdijk", the dike that separates the IJsselmeer from the Wadden Sea. On the other side is Frisia (Friesland) with its cows, medieval cities and its own language. From here the route brings you South through wetlands and through the Hanseatic cities of Kampen, Elburg and Harderwijk. The trip covers a major part of the Netherlands.

Day 1 80 km, 50 miles
Amsterdam - Volendam - Hoorn - Enkhuizen
Day 2 86 km, 54 Miles
Enkhuizen - Medemblik - Den Oever - Afluitdijk (30 km dike between the IJssellake and the Waddensea) - Makkum
Day 3 77 km, 48 miles
Makkum - Workum - Hindeloopen - Stavoren - Lemmer - Ossenzijl
Day 4 92 Km, 57 Miles
Ossenzijl - Vollenhoven - Zwartsluis - Genemuiden - Kampen - Elburg - Harderwijk
Day 5 89 Km, 56 Miles
Harderwijk - Bunschoten - Spakenburg -Naarden - Amsterdam

Its of course possible to spread this trip over more or less days.

[see map]


cycling on the dikes


Holland city tour

5 cycling days 240 Km (150 miles).
This route will bring you to the interesting old cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Dordrecht and Utrecht.
The emphasis is on visiting the major towns of Holland and cycling from one to the other in the most beautiful and characteristic manner. Highlights are amongst others the famous wind mills of the "Zaanse Schans" and "Kinderdijk". When cycling in springtime we will suggest a small detour through the flowering bulbfields.

Day 1 62 Km, 39 Miles
Amsterdam - Landsmeer - Koog aan de Zaan - Zaandijk (windmills)- Haarlem
Day 2 43 Km, 27 Miles
Haarlem - Overveen - Zandvoort - Katwijk aan Zee - Leiden
Day 3 68 Km, 47 Miles
Leiden - Gouda - Dordrecht
Day 4 85 Km, 53 Miles
Dordrecht - Gorinchem - Utrecht
Day 5 33 Km, 21 Miles
Utrecht - Abcoude - Amsterdam

Its of course possible to spread this trip over more or less days.

[see map]

the dunes

the city of Leiden

canals in Utrecht

Combined tour

The roundtrip IJsselmeer and the Holland City Tour both start and end in Amsterdam. So it is easy to combine these tours. Or you stay in Amsterdam for a few days before you start your second trip.

[see map]

mills near the river Vecht
Amsterdam to Brussels

5 Cycling days, around 350 Km's.
This route will bring you to the interesting old cities of Amsterdam, Gouda, Dordrecht in the Netherlands, and Antwerp, Mechelen, Leuven and Brussels in Belgium.
You will cycle along beautiful rivers, through characteristic landscapes and most of the route is flat. Besides the exiciting cities, highlights are amongst others the famous wind mills of "Kinderdijk".

Day 1 66 Km, 41 Miles
Amsterdam - Gouda
Day 2 72 Km, 45 Miles
Gouda - Kinderdijk (wind mills) - Dordrecht - Oudenbosch
Day 3 68 Km, 42 Miles
Oudenbosch - border Belgium - Antwerp
Day 4 71 Km, 44 Miles
Antwerp - Mechelen - Leuven
Day 5 43 Km, 27 Miles
Leuven - Brussels

along the river Dijle, Belgium
Paris to Amsterdam

Near the Seine on place the la Basille in the heart of Paris this trips starts and after some 700 Km's and 10 days you'll reach Amsterdam.
Before you do so you have seen the hunting forests North of Paris, numerous churches, Coucy castle, monasteries, the Cathedral of Laon, hills and rivers, farmland, quaint little musea, the outskirts of the Ardennes, the medieval town centers of Dinant, Leuven, Mechelen and Antwerp.
In the Netherlands it will be flat and flat and of course windmills, lakes and rivers and nice, old cities like Dordrecht and Gouda.
The trip can be done with hotel accommodation or campsites. Some day trips in France are around the 90 km and are hilly. The trip length is dependent on the availabity of hotelrooms. Things are more easier once you reach Belgium. When you have some cycling experience and you are a bit self reliant, this 10 day trip is a great way to see 3 countries while travelling on unpopulated roads or dedicated cyclepaths.
The route description is from Paris to Amsterdam. It's of course possible to do it the reversed way. Keep in mind though that the wind comes mostly from the South-West.

place de la Bastille, Paris

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